Friday, February 22, 2019

Louisiana Dryer Drum


January 2019

Hansa Meyer was contacted for the removal of a dryer drum under a structure.
The unit was 107’L x 20’W x 20’H x 360,000#

Frist we scanned the entire site with our Leica MS60, then placed stands, jacks and slide system as well as our SPMT’s to remove and re-install the drum.

Everything was performed on time, with precision and without any damage.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Short Notice, Tight Turns, No Issues

Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging team configured our own Goldhofer 16 line THPSL trailer with (2) 9m spacer decks to accommodate the length and weight of the demethanizer.

Our team worked close with TXDOT to ensure permits would meet the time frame of our customer with such short notice.


Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging team maneuvered several tight turns in the Houston area without any issues. Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging made it to final destination on time without harm to the public or infrastructure.

A special thanks to the permit efforts of the great State of Texas to make this work.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Moving to Texas...

Taking a control building across the state

100,000 lbs and 16'11" high

No problem for our team

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Midwest to Central America in One Hand

Midwest to Central America in One Hand

From the manufacturer in the Midwest via California to Central America handled by Hansa Meyer. 

Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging moved the tank with its STZ9 Goldhofer trailer to the port while Hansa Meyer Global arranged the ocean freight transport to Central America. 

All in one hand, eliminating need of hand over...

Goldhofer STZ9 on the move

From California to the Caribbean all with Hansa Meyer. 

Pick up with our Goldhofer STZ9 in California and moved to the Port of Houston where the Hansa Meyer Global team organized the ocean freight transport to the Caribbean. 

All in one hand, eliminating the need of hand over...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Texas Sized Tank Transport

The Hansa Meyer Team is at it again this time for a Texas sized tank transport. The (4) large tanks where under a very tight delivery schedule. The Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul Team worked closely with Hansa Meyer Global on discharging the tanks to Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul’s Goldhofer THP trailers in tandem during discharging vessel.
Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul quickly worked with our Texas permit office in Austin, Texas and received the transport permits in record time. Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul delivered the 1st (2) tanks and quickly returned to the Port and self-loaded the last (2) tanks.
Thanks to all of our Hansa Meyer team members in working together on a very aggressive schedule coming all the way from Turkey.
Check back in for an update on transport to the final destination.

One of (4) tanks being offloaded and positioned on stands and beams.

Tanks being transported on Hansa Meyer's Western Star and (16) lines of SL trailer with (6) lines of axle lifted for spacings for bridge department.

The tanks staged on stands and beams at the storage site awaiting final transport.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

BOP Stack Move

We were contacted to move a Beacon Upper Stack from the Northwest side of Houston TX to Baytown TX. The stack is 16’x 14’x 18’11’x 226,000#. Once loaded on our 4 line x 9M drop deck 4 line DR dual lane trailer we were 20’11”high. The extreme height created utilities, traffic signals, and bridges. TX DOT would not allow us to cross Hwy 90 except at night or after curfew. We transported the unit to a staging area and waited until after curfew and then,  the next morning, crossed Hwy 90 and completed the transport safely and with no issues. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Big Cranes Doing Big Things

Our Heavy Haul Team does it again with our 110 Ton Liebherr Crane! Offloading 17 pieces of oil and gas equipment totaling 235,538 lbs at 763 cubic meters. Due to preplanning and collaboration of the Hansa Meyer Team this project was executed the same day! 

One thing we at Hansa Meyer pride ourselves on is the complete customer experience. The Project Management team brings this to each one of our customers by creating a customized system for each project. This was critical for this move due to the sequence of loading and unloading that was done in a limited space. 

We are excited to have this Liebherr in house now so that we can service all of your mobile crane needs.  We would love to hear feedback from you so feel free to comment and share! Please enjoy the photos below and as always thank you for reading!