Thursday, April 26, 2018

BOP Stack Move

We were contacted to move a Beacon Upper Stack from the Northwest side of Houston TX to Baytown TX. The stack is 16’x 14’x 18’11’x 226,000#. Once loaded on our 4 line x 9M drop deck 4 line DR dual lane trailer we were 20’11”high. The extreme height created utilities, traffic signals, and bridges. TX DOT would not allow us to cross Hwy 90 except at night or after curfew. We transported the unit to a staging area and waited until after curfew and then,  the next morning, crossed Hwy 90 and completed the transport safely and with no issues. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Big Cranes Doing Big Things

Our Heavy Haul Team does it again with our 110 Ton Liebherr Crane! Offloading 17 pieces of oil and gas equipment totaling 235,538 lbs at 763 cubic meters. Due to preplanning and collaboration of the Hansa Meyer Team this project was executed the same day! 

One thing we at Hansa Meyer pride ourselves on is the complete customer experience. The Project Management team brings this to each one of our customers by creating a customized system for each project. This was critical for this move due to the sequence of loading and unloading that was done in a limited space. 

We are excited to have this Liebherr in house now so that we can service all of your mobile crane needs.  We would love to hear feedback from you so feel free to comment and share! Please enjoy the photos below and as always thank you for reading! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

On The Move Again

The Hansa Meyer team does it again with this customized move from Minnesota to Tennessee. Due to the height and length of this vessel special accommodations were made to ensure a seamless delivery! With serious weather and a challenging route our logistics team worked hand in hand with county officials, escorts, and police to coordinate this specialized move. Please enjoy the pictures below of this 139,900 lbs move. As always, thanks for reading! 

139k lbs x 159ft L

Monday, January 29, 2018

Not a Typical Job for HMGT

Hansa Meyer is known in the industry for globally managing project cargo, as well as trucking and rigging services in the USA.  Our customers rely on us for much more than just oversized freight.  Our team managed the move of a special operations tanker onto a flatrack for one of our customers. While this project wasn't overly complicated, we had a project manager on-site to ensure exceptional service and on time delivery. To our team at Hansa Meyer, every shipment, no matter how big or small, is treated the same way.  Quality and safety goes into every move.  Please enjoy the pictures of this 28,000 lb move and stay tuned for the next steps in this move!   

28k lbs 548L x 102W x 143H

Monday, November 27, 2017

Multiple Vessels & Engineering Excellence

This project will be covered by multiple blog posts as it continues to progress. While there are many challenges to the project as a whole, the barge load-out engineering, planning, and execution is a great post by itself.

We identified the only viable barge slip in the region for this massive cargo load-out and assessed the feasibility of rolling on the bow from the previously unused river bank. We upgraded the ground bearing capacity with geo-piers to support our temporary bridge. This steel bridge was designed by Hansa Meyer Engineering to be transported to site affordably in sections over the road. Additionally, our engineers designed a cantilever lifting frame to set the bridge sections with one of our Goldhofer self-propelled electronic-steer platform trailers. This eliminated the need for a crane on site for months and saved our client substantial crane mobilization and rental costs. All custom equipment was fabricated by our team in Houston.

The first picture is a combined laser scan and bathymetry profile of the river bottom at the landing site. The red lines were plotted using GPS and fed into the dredging system (2nd picture). 

Our engineers plotted out a precise dredge plan to that was followed to ensure proper depth and clearance for the barges.

Our in house engineers designed this bridge and cantilever device (eliminating the need for a crane) while working hand in hand with our fabricators and equipment operators. 

Two LOX (Liquid oxygen) tanks and one LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) tank prior to roll on awaiting final lashing and sea-fastening for ocean going transit. 

On the left is a 3D "reality model" of the site used for precision planning in this challenging topography. On the right is a picture of the actual load-out.

So many other considerations go into a project like this:
  • Site assessment and infrastructure improvement design
  • GIS, Survey, Laser Scanning, Sonar Bathymetry, Geotechnical review, 3D site modeling and electronic laser stakeout of site for precision assurance of dimensions and positioning of all equipment and vessels in real-time with extreme river level fluctuations.
  • Planned cargo night moves and staging 
  • Mobilizing equipment and personnel to fab shop and barge site.
  • Civil/structural works at barge site for barge arrival and ramp setting 
  • Ballast and secure barge and position stands and grillages 
  • Ballasting to account for barge heel and trim while rolling on the tank
  • Sea-fastening for ocean transport consisting of chain, welded steel plate clips, and stoppers.
  • Logistical coordinate with busy grain load-out during critical harvest-time operations
  • So much more 
There will be more to follow on this project and we are looking forward to sharing more with you.  As always, we thank you for reading our blog and welcome any comments.  Also, follow us on Linkedin @hansameyercompanies for more pictures and posts.

Friday, October 20, 2017

3000 Horsepower Offshore Rig Move - Continued

We've had a lot of emails and Linkedin comments on the previous blog post about the rig move recently completed by Hansa Meyer.  We have so many cool pictures we thought we would run another post and shared them with you.  Thanks for your feedback-Enjoy !

This is an Air Compressor Skid @ 44ft x 15ft x 24ft @ 84k lbs. PST used to transfer from stands and beam to under the cranes hook to be loaded to barge.

75 Ton Lower Crane Base 33ft x 25ft x 38ft @ 115,900 lbs   moved from LS to Cedar Bayou directly under the crane hooks at Cedar Bayou. Normally this is a night moved, due to the short distance and back roads the Hansa Meyer Team was able to work with the city district to this moved during the day.

Drill floor wall 60ft x 24ft x 28ft @ 118,000 lbs. Crane removed for the SL with a 650T crane and loaded to a barge at Cedar Bayou.

Bulk Tank 60ft x 23ft x 22ft @ 132,278 lbs. On the PST being unloaded and stage in anticipation for the next barge.

Monday, October 9, 2017

3000 Horsepower Offshore Rig Move

Hansa Meyer was awarded a challenging project in the summer of 2017.  The project consisted of many components:
  • Performing lifts to "rig-down" an assembled 3000 horsepower offshore drilling rig.
  • Measuring and weighing each piece, calculating the center of gravity (COG), and developing documentation for future lifts. 
  • Engineering and procurement of proper rigging to be used for "rig-up" activities offshore. 
  • Transporting the freight via deck barges and specialized trucks to the Port of Houston. 
  • Properly laying out at the port in a "rig-up" sequence to be loaded on to Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) and barges.
  • Loading out, in sequence for delivery to the platform.   
The rig components then moved in sequence, nearly 500 miles offshore to a waiting platform.  In reverse order from how the rig came down, it will be rebuilt from the bottom up. 

The project was both time critical and sequence critical.  OSVs and barges would be scheduled to be loaded and arrive at the platform within very tight windows.  The loading sequence had to be perfect in order to allow the offshore "rig-up" activities to take place with no double handling or extra equipment, as storage space offshore was minimal.  A wrench was thrown into the works when Hurricane Harvey came into the Houston area and dumped over 50 inches of rain.  However, when the water receded and the skies cleared the team was back to work.

The team performed tandem lifts to fly down the two Seatrax rig cranes

Hauling the nearly 40' crown to the port. 
Nearly 200 truckloads of equipment was hauled to the port.
One section of the Heli-pad arriving at the port.
Not just trucking but 6 barges were loaded at the site and offloaded at the port

Below is the first OSV (offshore supply vessel). It was loaded out with some of the last pieces brought to the port.  The "rig-up" sequence is almost in a complete reverse order. However, due to weight distribution on the platform, the sequence was modified to ensure a balanced rig-up construction.  This OSV takes the first load to the platform nearly 500 miles offshore.  Then a series of barges will finish the deliveries.

A special thanks to everyone involved on this project.  It was a team effort without a doubt!  Our engineers and operators, as well as our project management and commercial teams all did a fantastic job.  This was a very fluid project with scope changes, equipment variables, weather challenges, and a host of situations that took dedication and effort from everyone to overcome.  Another great project for team Hansa Meyer!